Fashion Merchandising

Fashion Merchandising is growing immensely as a promising career. As a fashion merchandiser, he/she acts as a liaise between the production team and the buyer. A merchandiser is responsible for the planning, production and distribution of the finished product.

Apart from studying the buyer’s needs, they need to work closely with the designers to come with fresh products that is in par with the latest trends. In short, careful planning and a methodical marketing knowledge is needed to succeed in this area.

Fashion merchandisers can also work as visual merchandisers. Being a visual merchandiser, you can create visually flattering displays of merchandise in the most imaginative way. You need to be able to draw the customers attention and ultimately get them to procure the merchandise.

Though a degree is not a must it’s still an added advantage. A formal education would help you to have a good understanding of the types of fabrics, along with subjects that include fashion and marketing aspects. Fashion merchandisers can work in export houses, buying houses, large retailers stores etc.

Though, fashion merchandising is entirely behind the curtain job, it is an essential part of the fashion industry. It is not a simple task and merchandising requires good experience, along with smart negotiations and impressive interpersonal skills. You need to be able to negotiate with both suppliers and buyers to conclude on a deal.

Though it doesn’t seem like an easy job, it’s still an interesting and challenging career. As long as you have the drive and passion, merchandising is as appealing as it may seem.